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The Goodrich Scholarship Program

Est. 1972


Welcome to the nationally recognized and award-winning Goodrich Scholarship Program. We are a diverse, academic unit of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO).  

Alongside tuition, general fees, and a special curriculum, the UNO scholarship program boasts interdisciplinary Goodrich faculty who design and facilitate Goodrich courses, as well as ever-responsible Goodrich faculty who go miles with smiles to help students succeed.


In 1972, Nebraska state legislature established the Goodrich Scholarship Program. Developed and introduced by Hubert G. Locke, former Dean of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service, and named for Nebraska Senator Glenn Goodrich, the program targets bright Nebraska residents of low-income backgrounds. The pursuit of the program is to provide access to affordable, competitive, and quality-driven undergraduate education – an “unparalleled opportunity.” 


Dr. Troy Romero, Chair

Fifty years later, Goodrich continues to provide critical
educational transformations for the state of Nebraska. With over 2000 graduates, the Goodrich Scholarship Program boats alumni who currently enjoy leadership roles as educators, medical professionals, elected officials and active participants in business corporations. Goodrich alumni span the public, non-profit, and sectors of the economy.  

The home of resilient student success, Goodrich was the first UNO department to win the prestigious University of Nebraska system-wide ($25,000) departmental teaching award. The professors, staff, and students of the Goodrich community continue to foster UNO’s award-winning scholarship community as a place where students always come first. 

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