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Memories of Goodrich

I will forever remember Dr. Smith, as she was one of the best professors I’ve ever had and did not let me just “get by” in her class. She was strict but fair and always had a great attitude in class.

The Goodrich impact was felt in and outside of the classroom with my own sense of belonging with other Goodrich Scholars and the staff.

The professors, core Goodrich classes, and support were integral to my success. The lessons and skills I learned as an undergrad in the program I still use to this day.

Goodrich was a small community on campus in which my professors, staff and cohorts were essentially my family throughout my four years of college. I still stay in contact with many of them today. I could not have asked for a better experience. There are quite a few favorite memories as a member of the Goodrich community (always seeing a smiling face in the office, the long-lasting connections with my classmates and friends, Dr. Romero's autobiographical class, etc.). However, the most memorable moment was after I had graduated and Patty reached out to ask if I would be willing to chat with a student who was interested in my field of work. I did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity. It was at that moment when realization had sunk in! I was a part of such a strong community where everyone is readily willing to help each other and students without ever thinking twice.

The sense of community I had since day one. The faculty, the professors, my peers- everyone had an impact on me through out the years. The program not only furthered my education but also fostered my personal development. And today, I'm even roommates with another Gooodrich scholar!

The Goodrich faculty impacted me the most. They truly were there for me and pushed me to do my best and not to settle for a low grade that they knew I could do better and receive a higher grade.

Goodrich provided hope and potential of being able to successfully complete college as they allowed me to not focus on the financial aspect. The staff was beyond amazing!!

I don't hesitate to say that I attribute much of my success in life, as well as my overall worldview and personal identity, to the experiences and opportunities granted to my by the Goodrich program.

The faculty was there for me when I needed assistance with a class or personal reasons. The guidance I received at the start of my college education has stayed with ever since.

Having the privilege to be part of the Goodrich Scholarship program has been a part of life story and college experience that is unforgettable. I will forever be grateful and am happy to have this opportunity to express my gratitude.

Goodrich created a sense of community and support that was crucial to my success as a student. The faculty and professors seemed genuinely interested in us as people and students. The facility, especially with the computer lab, quiet study space, and printing services, made life so much easier for me. The Goodrich program was definitely one of the best things about my college experience.

Thank you again Goodrich Scholarship program for the gift of a college education and for helping put me on the path to lifelong success. When Dr. Pam Smith would always say hello anytime she saw me and saw in me what I never saw in myself. Her love and support has stuck with me all of these years. God bless.

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